Social networks quickly entered our lives, and now many people cannot imagine life without them. For example, Facebook and Instagram have been working for more than a dozen years, but Tik Tok from China thundered all over the world in 2019.


This service allows you to record and publish music videos, exchange messages, broadcast live, etc. It is a kind of mixture of the already famous Snapchat, Vine, Instagram Stories, etc.

Tik Tok users: can shoot 15-second videos, sketches, reactions and other video content popular with young people. Including, edit them, slow down, speed up, use filters. Add music, band concerts, start live broadcasts (streams), chat with friends, share your own video and watch other people.

To summarize, the Chinese developers have made Tik Tok a hybrid of many of the world’s social systems. It is clear that the result is a huge audience coverage, especially from civilized countries. From here, the political motive of the United States even became clear when, under Trump, they wanted to ban this social network.

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However, the platform continues to function and develop. Even the term “tiktokers” has appeared – users of this network. It mainly concerns minors who grimace on the network, make monkeys, sing to the soundtrack, joke without understanding what they are, and post a lot of other information.

History of creation

But not everything is so simple if you look at the history of creation. Tik Tok has Chinese roots, it was not a brainchild that was heavily censored in China. Initially the name was “Douyin” and it was not possible to go international.

It was necessary, in fact, to “give birth” to a clone of this social network. And then, Americans, as the above was a hint. Celebrities from the USA became the first “Tiktokers” and netizens gathered massive views. This, in turn, allowed large-scale advertising to be placed on the server.

They began to lay out huge budgets on Tik Tok, which allowed them to quickly gain worldwide fame. It turned out that China won. That is why there was a misunderstanding between the Chinese and US authorities.

To date, the social network Tik Tok has firmly settled in the first places in the world, to say the least. This is a fashionable and evolving trend. She is treated differently. I must say that there are many ill-wishers on the world’s Internet sites, and even at a high level.

Who knows? What is fashionable now, then in a few years no one will need it. However, as long as there is Tik Tok and “tiktokers”, there will be communication through this server, advertising, huge money, and politics.